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The origins of the Madeira Wine Company started in 1913 when two companies, Welsh & Cunha and Henriques & Camara, joined forces to form the Madeira Wine Association Lda. Through the lean years that followed more companies joined to ensure their survival by reducing costs and pooling production whilst maintaining commercial independence. As the most important shipper of island-bottled Madeira the business is well placed to continue the revival of this most historic wine.
Ferraz Madeira Wine from Madeira
Ferraz Madeira Wine

Region: Madeira - Portugal

Grape Varieties: 750 ML , 18%

Tasting Notes: Madeira dessert wine is unique in character and taste. Whatever the occasion, it is esteemed for its concentrated aroma and subtle flavor be it as a chilled aperitif (Rainwater Medium Dry), or as an accompaniment to dessert and cheese (Full Rich and 5 Year Old Full Rich).