Brandy - Enoport Caves Velhas
The Enoport Group was born in 2005 from the union of a group of companies with great tradition and historical recognition within the Portuguese wine sector. Joining the experience with the newest management and technology techniques, new companies were created based on three major core business areas – Agriculture/Tourism, Production and Distribution – each aiming at excellence and the commitment to the high standards demanded by a global market.
Aguardente Fim de Século from Azores
Aguardente Fim de Século

The result of a careful distillation of quality wines and aged for more than 10 years in Limousin and Portuguese oak casks. Defined topaz color with subtle greenish hues. Blend of fruit with the aromas resulting from the ageing in Limousin in good quality oak casks. The notes of vanilla, cocoa, exotic woods and toasted grains prevail. Fruity, smooth, elegant and harmonious.

Bottle Size: 750 ML

Alcohol Content: 41.5%