It is our mission to import and responsibly provide quality wines and spirits from the country of Portugal to our distributors and customers. The strong, long term relationships built over the years with our various producers and wine makers enable us to import and introduce outstanding Portuguese products to the US market. It is the intent of our company to proudly continue building strong relationships with our clients by providing consistent, reliable and value conscious products.

Luizís Grocery & Liquors, Inc. (LGL Imports) is a family owned company established in 1977, and we have been importing fine Portuguese wines and spirits since 1979. We specialize in importing Portuguese wines and spirits rich in tradition and history that are a perfect fit for the US market. With our own distribution in MA (Luizís Grocery & Liquors, Inc.) and RI (L&B Beverage, Inc.), and distributors in several other states, our portfolio consists of the most sought after Portuguese wines from big wine producers to small boutique wineries.

Luis F. Oliveira

As the President and founder of LGL Imports, Luizís Grocery & Liquors, Inc., and L&B Beverage, Inc., Luis has extensive experience in the wine industry. Luis is recognized as a pioneer in the representation and sales of the finest Portuguese products in the United States. His career in the Azores, Portugal, started in accounting and that experience enabled him to start his own company after immigrating to the United States in 1976. Luisí knowledge of the wine industry, integrity, and his ability to build long term relationships over the last 33 years with our various producers, has built a solid company foundation. The original wine producer that Luis worked with in 1979 is still represented today in the United States by LGL Imports. This demonstrates Luisí dedication and working relationship with his wine producers.

Luis F. Oliveira

Luis began his career as a Civil Engineer and has extensive experience in managing large complex construction projects. As a Project Manager for one of the largest construction companies in New England, Luis developed management skills and built strong relationships in the engineering and construction industry. Although Luis continues to work in the engineering and construction industry today as an independent consultant, he has recently been more engaged with the marketing of our portfolio and the management of the company. Luis has been involved with the family owned company in various capacities throughout the years. It is Luisí intent to continue with the company his father established based on the same principals of integrity and dedication to hard work.

Helder Costa Rita
Wine Manager

Helder has extensive experience and knowledge of the wine industry. During his 30 year career, he started as a salesman for a MA based wholesaler specializing in beer, wines and spirits. Helder joined our company in 1999 and is actively involved in the marketing and representation of our portfolio throughout the New England region. Helderís dedication to his profession has enabled him to develop strong relationships with our distributors, clients and customers. Helder continuously works with our sales staff in the promotion and sales of our products.